Urban development and sustainability

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  2. Dr Neil Thorpe
Author(s)Thorpe N
Publication type Editorial
JournalProceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Urban Design and Planning
ISSN (print)1755-0793
ISSN (electronic)1755-0807
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The original motivation for this themed issue of ‘Urban Design and Planning’ on Urban Development and Sustainability was prompted by a key question that often faces today’s academics and practitioners: by how far, and through what means, can our towns and cities be planned for the future to promote social inclusivity, economic efficiency and environmental sustainability? These objectives may often be complementary but may also be sometimes in competition when designing urban systems. Perceptions of their relative importance can also often vary significantly over time and space. Indeed, it may be argued that, over the lifetime of this particular themed issue, we have already witnessed a noticeable shift towards prioritising economic sustainability over environmental and social issues due to the current global economic crisis. These changing priorities only add to the many challenges already faced by urban designers and planners.
PublisherInstitution of Civil Engineers
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