Evaluation of a business plan for the application of rotary sails (Flettner Rotors) in the commercial bulk shipping fleet

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  2. Paul Stott
Author(s)Stott P
Series Editor(s)Newcastle Science City
Publication type Report
TypeConsultancy report
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Legacy Date29 March 2012
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Flettner rotors have provided a tantalising prospect for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers ever since the proof of the concept by Dr. Flettner in the 1920s. It would be true to say, however, that many ship designers are skeptical of the economic benefit that can be gained. This report examined the market and economic attributes of the system and concluded that, under current and foreseeable market and cost conditions, Flettner rotors provide a sound economic prospect for retrofit to bulk vessels.
InstitutionNewcastle University
Place PublishedNewcastle Science City
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