The impact of latent risk preferences on valuing the preservation of threatened lynx populations in Poland

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  2. Dr Anna Bartczak
  3. Professor Susan Chilton
Author(s)Bartczak A, Mariel P, Chilton S, Meyerhoff J
Publication type Article
JournalAustralian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
ISSN (print)1364-985X
ISSN (electronic)1467-8489
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Choice experiments have been widely used to study consumer preferences for environmental goods and services. A relatively recent innovation has been to acknowledge the inherent uncertainties surrounding provision of these non-market commodities. Such uncertainties arise from many sources, including the time scale between policy implementation and outcome, as well as the associated post-policy ecological and environmental characteristics. This paper assesses the impact that respondents’ risk preferences have on the valuation of lynx preservation in Poland in the face of this provision uncertainty. We also demonstrate empirically that a link exists between individual risk preferences, manifesting in a tendency to choose the status quo option rather than any of the alternatives and to offer, on average, a lower WTP.
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