IFPA Meeting 2011 workshop report III: Placental immunology; epigenetic and microRNA-dependent gene regulation; comparative placentation; trophoblast differentiation; stem cells

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  2. Dr Judith Bulmer
  3. Dr Gavin Collett
  4. Dr Syed Haider
  5. Dr Gendie Lash
Author(s)Ackerman WE, Bulmer JN, Carter AM, Chaillet JR, Chamley L, Chen CP, Chuong EB, Coleman SJ, Collet GP, Croy BA, de Mestre AM, Dickinson H, Ducray J, Enders AC, Fogarty NME, Gauster M, Golos T, Haider S, Heazell AE, Holland OJ, Huppertz B, Husebekk A, John RM, Johnsen GM, Jones CJR, Kalionisv B, Konig J, Lorenzon AR, Moffett A, de Mello JCM, Nuzzo AM, Parham P, Parolini O, Petroff MG, Pidoux G, Ramirez-Pinilla MP, Sadoysky Y, Rolfo A, Robinson WP, Soma H, Southcombe JH, Tilburgs T, Lash GE
Publication type Editorial
ISSN (print)0143-4004
ISSN (electronic)1532-3102
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PublisherElsevier Ltd
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