Three-Phase Modulated Pole Machine Topologies Utilizing Mutual Flux Paths

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  2. Jamie Washington
  3. Dr Glynn Atkinson
  4. Dr Nick Baker
  5. Professor Alan Jack
  6. Professor Barrie Mecrow
  7. Bogi Jensen
Author(s)Washington JG, Atkinson GJ, Baker NJ, Jack AG, Mecrow BC, Jensen BB, Pennander LO, Nord GL, Sjoberg L
Publication type Article
JournalIEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
ISSN (print)0885-8969
ISSN (electronic)1558-0059
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This paper discusses three-phase topologies for modulated pole machines (MPMs). The authors introduce a new three-phase topology, which takes advantage of mutual flux paths; this is analyzed using 3-D finite-element methods and compared to a three-phase topology using three single-phase units stacked axially. The results show that the new ``combined-phase MPM" exhibits a greater torque density, while offering a reduction in the number of components. The results obtained from two prototypes are also presented to verify the concept; the results show that the ``combined-phase" machine could provide both performance and constructional benefits over prior MPM topologies.
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