Innovative Forms of Education in Rail Freight and Logistics

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  2. Dr Anna Fraszczyk
  3. Dr Marin Marinov
  4. Clare Woroniuk
Author(s)Fraszczyk A, Marinov M, Woroniuk C
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name4th International Scientific Conference on Transport Problems
Conference LocationKatowice-Slemien, Poland
Year of Conference2012
Source Publication Date27-29 June 2012
Series TitleTransport Problems
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This paper introduces an innovative intensive programme in rail logistics co-funded by Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The paper starts with introduction where the consortium of nine European partners is presented. Next the objectives of the programme and participants are described in more detail. The 3-week programme structure is divided into three parts of: lecturing, research projects and technical visits, workshops and seminars. Educational activities are presented in the context of the strategic vision of Lifelong Learning Programme. The current situation section describes the progress made to date, where curriculum development as well as student recruitment and organisational challenges are introduced. The final section introduces the expected results of the Intensive Programme, which include new rail logistics education and training curriculum materials, a handbook and new skills gained by students and staff.
PublisherPolitechnika Slaska
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