Nonsynonymous variants in the SMAD6 gene predispose to congenital cardiovascular malformation

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  2. Dr Elise Glen
  3. Dr Ana Topf
  4. Dr Darroch Hall
  5. Dr John O'Sullivan
  6. Linda Sneddon
  7. Dr Christopher Wren
  8. Dr Peter Avery
  9. Professor Rick Lewis
  10. Professor Helen Arthur
  11. Professor Judith Goodship
  12. Professor Bernard Keavney
Author(s)Tan HL, Glen E, Topf A, Hall D, O'Sulliyan JJ, Sneddon L, Wren C, Avery P, Lewis RJ, ten Dijke P, Arthur HM, Goodship JA, Keavney BD
Publication type Article
JournalHuman Mutation
ISSN (print)1059-7794
ISSN (electronic)1098-1004
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PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, Inc.
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