Developments for Private Sector Rail Freight Services along an EU Corridor

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  2. Clare Woroniuk
  3. Dr Marin Marinov
  4. Tom Zunder
Author(s)Woroniuk C, Marinov M, Zunder T
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name4th International Scientific Conference on Transport Problems
Conference LocationKatowice-Slemien, Poland
Year of Conference2012
Source Publication Date27-29 June 2012
Series TitleTransport Problems
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This research aims to present a number of developments for private sector services along an EU freight corridor. To achieve this, information technology developments for operating processes and market tested freight services are examined. The anticipated benefits of implementing IT developments for operating processes are presented along with a case study and pilot demonstration of innovative freight services. Analysis of pilot demonstration results suggest that there is potential for these types of services operated by the private sector along a European corridor.
PublisherPolitechnika Slaska
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