Three Steps to Heaven: Semantic Publishing in a Real World Workflow

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  2. Dr Phillip Lord
  3. Dr Simon Cockell
Author(s)Lord P, Cockell S, Stevens R
Publication type Article
JournalFuture Internet
ISSN (print)1999-5903
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Semantic publishing offers the promise of computable papers, enriched visualisation and a realisation of the linked data ideal. In reality, however, the publication process contrives to prevent richer semantics while culminating in a "lumpen" PDF. In thispaper, we discuss a web-first approach to publication, and describe a three-tiered approach that integrates with the existing authoring tooling. Critically, although it adds limited semantics, it does provide value to all the participants in the process: the author, the reader and the machine.
NotesThis paper was originally published in the SePublica 2012 Workshop at the 9th Extended Semantic Web Conference. Also available at: and
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