Human Tissues Contain CD141hi Cross-Presenting Dendritic Cells with Functional Homology to Mouse CD103+ Nonlymphoid Dendritic Cells

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  2. Dr Muz Haniffa
  3. Dr Venetia Bigley
  4. Dr Naomi McGovern
  5. Dr Xiao Wang
  6. Sarah Pagan
  7. Dr Sharon Cookson
  8. Dr Rachel Dickinson
  9. Ian Dimmick
  10. Professor Matthew Collin
Author(s)Haniffa M, Shin A, Bigley V, McGovern N, Teo P, See P, Wasan PS, Wang XN, Malinarich F, Malleret B, Larbi A, Tan P, Zhao H, Poidinger M, Pagan S, Cookson S, Dickinson R, Dimmick I, Jarrett RF, Renia L, Tam J, Song C, Connolly J, Chan JK, Gehring A, Bertoletti A, Collin M, Ginhoux F
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)1074-7613
ISSN (electronic)1097-4180
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PublisherCell Press
PubMed id22795876
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