New panamax and its implications for ship design and efficiency

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  2. Dr Paul Stott
Author(s)Stott PW
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameLow Carbon Shipping Conference
Conference LocationNewcastle University
Year of Conference2012
Source Publication Date2 August 2012
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The expansion of the Panama Canal presents an opportunity for increased transport efficiency and reduced emissions. Shipping is famously a ‘derived’ demand and the evaluation of this opportunity would logically be predicated on trade analysis to review how the expansion may affect cargo flows and the consequent effect this would have on the fleet. The incidence of panamax beam in the fleet is much greater than is required to service Canal trades, however, and the benefits are likely to be greater than would be estimated through a trade-based analysis. The likely consequences of the relaxation of the constraint on ship design in the three main cargo carrying sectors (wet and dry bulk and container) are reviewed with comments on the potential for reduction in emissions stemming from this change.