Kinetochore localized Mad2 and Cdc20 is itself insufficient for triggering the mitotic checkpoint when Mps1 is low in Drosophila melanogaster neuroblasts

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  2. Dr Ashleigh Herriott
  3. Dr Michele Sweeney
  4. Emeritus Professor Michael Whitaker
  5. Professor Michael Taggart
  6. Dr Jun-yong Huang
Author(s)Herriott A, Sweeney M, Whitaker M, Taggart M, Huang JY
Publication type Article
JournalCell Cycle
ISSN (print)1538-4101
ISSN (electronic)1551-4005
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The relationships between the kinetochore and checkpoint control remains unresolved. Here we report the characterisation of the in vivo behaviour of Cdc20 and Mad2 and the relevant spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) functions in the neuroblasts of a Drosophila Mps1 weak allele (aldB4-2). aldB4-2 third instar larvae brain samples contain about 16% endogenous Mps1 proteins. The GFP-Cdc20 localisation patterns and the level of recruitment to the kinetochore are unaffected in aldB4-2 neuroblasts while the level of GFP-Mad2 was reduced by more than 80%. The time for completing mitosis is significantly shorter in mad2EY, but is significantly increased in aldB4-2 mutant cells compared to wild-type. Cdc20 and Mad2 display only monophasic exponential kinetics at the kinetochores. This kinetics is significantly slowed in mad2EY and aldB4-2 neuroblasts. Surprisingly about 20% GFP-Mad2 kinetochore signals from aldB4-2 neuroblasts can be detected in response to colchicine treatment but the cells failed to arrest. This suggests that the Kinetochore localisation of Cdc20 and Mad2 in Drosophila melanogaster neuroblasts is insufficient for triggering the SAC signal propagation when the Mps1 level is low. 0 0 1 180 1027 Institute for Cell and Mleclar Bioscinces, Newcastl 8 2 1205 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-GB JA X-NONE
PublisherLandes Bioscience
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