Multigenerational epigenetic adaptation of the hepatic wound-healing response

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  2. Dr Mujdat Zeybel
  3. Dr Timothy Hardy
  4. Frances Wong
  5. Professor John Mathers
  6. Christopher Fox
  7. Dr Agata Page
  8. Dr Fiona Oakley
  9. Professor Alastair Burt
  10. Dr Caroline Wilson
  11. Dr Quentin Anstee
  12. Dr Matthew Barter
  13. Dr Steven Masson
  14. Dr Ahmed Elsharkawy
  15. Professor Derek Mann
  16. Dr Jelena Mann
Author(s)Zeybel M, Hardy T, Wong YK, Mathers JC, Fox CR, Gackowska A, Oakley F, Burt AD, Wilson CL, Anstee QM, Barter MJ, Masson S, Elsharkawy AM, Mann DA, Mann J
Publication type Article
JournalNature Medicine
ISSN (print)1078-8956
ISSN (electronic)1546-170X
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PublisherNature Publishing Group
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