A domestic CHP system with hybrid electrical energy storage

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  2. Penny Chen
  3. Dr Yaodong Wang
  4. Hongdong Yu
  5. Dr Dawei Wu
  6. Yapeng Li
  7. Professor Tony Roskilly
Author(s)Chen XP, Wang YD, Yu HD, Wu DW, Li YP, Roskilly AP
Publication type Article
JournalEnergy and Buildings
ISSN (print)0378-7788
ISSN (electronic)1872-6178
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CHP (combined heat and power) is widely regarded as one of the most promising technologies to resolve energy-related problems, such as primary energy saving, emission reducing etc. Domestic CHP is the energy system applied to the household sector to supply both electric and heat energy to users. Due to the dissimilar characteristics between household electricity and heat demands, conventional off-grid CHP systems may not satisfy both of the demands simultaneously. This study developed a domestic CHP system in which an engine-based CHP fuelled by biofuels was integrated with a hybrid electric energy storage system and operated under FEL (following electric load) energy management strategy. Experimental tests validate the feasibility of this application and the results show that the system can satisfy the fluctuant energy demands in a domestic dwelling. The overall energy efficiency has been improved by 47.86% compared to conventional CHP.
PublisherElsevier S.A.
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