Home and Away: The Turkish Ban on Donor Conception

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  2. Dr Ilke Turkmendag Brunsnes
Author(s)Turkmendag I
Publication type Article
JournalLaw, Innovation and Technology
ISSN (print)1757-9961
ISSN (electronic)1757-997X
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Turkish legislation has long prohibited assisted reproduction using donor gametes. In March 2010, this law was amended: receiving gamete donation abroad is now a criminal offence. Women receiving gamete donation abroad, and domestic clinics encouraging the use of services abroad, face possible criminal charges. In this paper, through an examination of media coverage of the 2010 amendments, I reveal the way that policymakers in Turkey attempted to legitimise the new prohibition by using a moral discourse which frames donor conception as an inappropriate treatment method-as a method which is at odds with both cultural and legal structures in Turkey. In so doing, I provide a case study that supplements both the extant literature on cross border reproductive care (CBRC) movement, most of which focuses on the non-Muslim world, especially European Union member states, and the limited but expanding literature on assisted reproduction practices in the Islamic world.
PublisherHart Publishing
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