The Common Arguments for Fair Trade

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  2. Dr Andrew Walton
Author(s)Walton A
Publication type Article
JournalPolitical Studies
ISSN (print)0032-3217
ISSN (electronic)1467-9248
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In this article I consider the connection between individual morality and Fair Trade goods. In particular, I consider whether a number of arguments commonly advanced in defence of Fair Trade can defend the conclusion that individuals ought to purchase Fair Trade goods in particular, or whether they are sufficient to show only that purchasing Fair Trade goods is one of a number of acceptable ways to meet more general moral duties. Although various points are made in the article, its main theme is that it is difficult to show that purchasing Fair Trade goods is, even in one way, preferable to donating to charity, at least without advancing certain highly contentious moral claims. I argue that unless defenders of Fair Trade can address these issues, it will be difficult to defend the view that individuals should purchase Fair Trade goods in particular.
PublisherWiley-Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
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