Tmem79/Matt is the matted mouse gene and is a predisposing gene for atopic dermatitis in human subjects

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  2. Dr Sara Brown
  3. Dr Stephen Turner
  4. Professor Caroline Relton
  5. Professor Sir John Burn
  6. Dr Simon Meggitt
  7. Professor Nick Reynolds
  8. Professor Heather Cordell
Author(s)Turner SW; Burn J; Cordell HJ; Reynolds NJ; Meggitt S; Relton C; Brown SJ; Saunders SP; Goh CSM; Palmer CNA; Porter RM; Cole C; Campbell LE; Gierlinski M; Barton GJ; Schneider G; Balmain A; Prescott AR; Weidinger S; Baurecht H; Kabesch M; Gieger C; Lee YA; Tavendale R; Mukhopadhyay S; Madhok VB; Sullivan FM; Smith CH; Allen MA; Barker JNWN; Irvine AD; McLean WHI; Sandilands A; Fallon PG
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
ISSN (print)0091-6749
ISSN (electronic)1097-6825
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PublisherMosby, Inc.
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