Gordonia sinesedis sp. nov., a novel soil isolate

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  2. Dr Luis Maldonado
  3. Dr Fiona Stainsby
  4. Emeritus Professor Alan Ward
  5. Emeritus Professor Michael Goodfellow
Author(s)Ward AC; Goodfellow M; Stainsby FM; Maldonado LA
Publication type Article
JournalAntonie van Leeuwenhoek
ISSN (print)0003-6072
ISSN (electronic)1572-9699
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The taxonomic position of an actinomycete isolated from soil was evaluated using a polyphasic approach. The organism, strain J72, was found to have chemical and morphological properties consistent with its assignment to the genus Gordonia. A nearly complete 16S rDNA sequence of the strain was determined by direct sequencing of the amplified gene. The tested strain formed a distinct phylogenetic line within the evolutionary radiation occupied by the genus Gordonia and was most closely related to G. polyisoprenivorans DSM 44302T. The phenotypic profile of strain 372 readily distinguishes it from representatives of the validly described species of Gordonia. The combined genotypic and phenotypic data show that strain J72 merits recognition as a new species of Gordonia. The name proposed for the new species is Gordonia sinesedis; the type strain is J72T (= DSM 44455T = NCIMB 13802T).
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
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