Integrated Smartcard Solutions: Do People Want One Card For All Their Services?

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  2. Dr Gareth Evans
  3. Dr Amy Guo
  4. Professor Phil Blythe
Author(s)Evans GD, Guo W, Blythe PT, Burden M
Publication type Article
JournalTransportation Planning and Technology
ISSN (print)0308-1060
ISSN (electronic)1029-0354
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Smartcard technologies offer the potential for bringing transport and citizen services onto a single smartcard platform – referred to henceforth as an integrated ‘TranCit’ card. One question never fully addressed thus far is whether the general public see the integration of services onto a single card as desirable. Based upon research undertaken through the Yorcard trials, this paper presents the analysis of a series of three focus groups and 251 responses to a public questionnaire which investigated the general desire for multi-application, integrated smartcards. Our findings suggest there is potential for an integrated TranCit card, facilitating easier access to services and travel options across boundaries, even at the international level. A number of operational, technical and data security issues exist which need to be resolved before there would be a greater acceptance of an integrated TranCit card, from both the traveller and the service provider perspective.
PublisherTaylor & Francis
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