An external pilot study to test the feasibility of a randomised controlled trial comparing eye muscle surgery against active monitoring for childhood intermittent exotropia [X(T)]

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  2. Dr Marilyn Clarke
  3. Dr Vanessa Hogan
  4. Dr Deborah Buck
  5. Dr Jing Shen
  6. Christine Powell
  7. Professor Robert Taylor
  8. Dr Kerry Joyce
  9. Fiona Beyer
  10. Dr Richard Thomson
  11. Professor Luke Vale
  12. Professor Elaine McColl
  13. Dr Nick Steen
Author(s)Shen J; Buck D; McColl E; Taylor R; Beyer F; Steen N; Hogan V; Clarke M; Powell C; Speed C; Tiffin P; Sloper J; Nassar M; Joyce K; Thomson R; Vale L
Publication type Article
JournalHealth Technology Assessment
ISSN (print)1366-5278
ISSN (electronic)2046-4924
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PublisherNational Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment
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