Chromosome 4q Deletion Syndrome Podcast Series: (08/10/2015)

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  2. Dr Eugen-Matthias Strehle
Author(s)Hickey S, Strehle EM, Middlemiss P, Lin J
Publication type Digital or Visual Media
Series TitleRGI/RareShare Ask the Expert: Podcast Series
Series Editor(s)Jimmy Lin; Deepa Kushwaha
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During this 1 hour podcast 3 experts in the field of 4q deletion syndrome were introduced by Deeepa Kushwaha and interviewed by Dr Jimmy Lin who asked general and specific questions about this rare genetic condition. It is caused by a missing segment on the long arm of chromosome 4 which leads to minor facial and digital dysmorphism, cardiac and skeletal anomalies, growth retardation and learning disability.
Extent of Work56 min
PublisherRare Genomics Institute
Performers(s)Eugen-Matthias Strehle, Prisca Middlemiss, Scott Hickey
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