Join Together With the Band: Authenticating Collective Creativity in Bands and the Myth of Rock Authenticity Reappraised

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  2. Dr Adam Behr
Author(s)Behr A
Publication type Article
JournalRock Music Studies
ISSN (print)1940-1159
ISSN (electronic)1940-1167
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This article considers how the group identity of rock bands relates to discourses of authenticity. Exposés of the Romantic rock ideology, while broadly convincing, have overlooked the extent to which it incorporated the collective creativity of bands. Building on Moore’s reorientation towards processes of authentication, rather than “authenticity” as a quality in itself, I assess the band as the site of intimate conjunctions between creativity and sociability, a method against which audiences make authenticating judgments. I suggest that deliberations surrounding genre and authenticity have overemphasized aesthetic and industrial processes and highlight the social practices underpinning them.
PublisherTaylor & Francis
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