Everyday Life as Critique: Revisiting the Everyday in IPE with Henri Lefebvre and Postcolonialism

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  2. Dr Matt Davies
Author(s)Davies M
Publication type Article
JournalInternational Political Sociology
ISSN (print)1749-5679
ISSN (electronic)1749-5687
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This article argues that critical International Political Economy has used an undertheorised notion of everyday life and that Henri Lefebvre’s approach to everyday life, when augmented by attending to specifically colonial modes of domination, provides a necessary theoretical basis for IPE to engage with the everyday. It thus explores the connections between critical IPE, the critique of everyday life, and postcolonial thought. It begins by examining the “turn” to the everyday in IPE, examiningthe consequences of its reliance on an untheorised notion of the everyday. Lefebvre’s critique of everyday life is then examined to address these shortcomings. But Lefebvre’s provocation about the colonisation of the everyday also requires greater conceptual clarity. Thus the article next examines the affinities between postcolonial thought and the critique of everyday life. This underscores the indispensibility of Lefebvre’s critique to IPE in terms both of everyday life and of the international as constituted by colonisation.
PublisherOxford University Press on behalf of the International Studies Association
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