Mode of delivery after caesarian: a qualitative investigation

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  2. Allison Farnworth
  3. Professor Pauline Pearson
Author(s)Farnworth A, Pearson P
Publication type Article
JournalBritish Journal of Midwifery
ISSN (print)0969-4900
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Women who have had a caesarean birth face a decision about how to deliver their baby in a subsequent pregnancy. This paper describes a qualitative study exploring the decision making experience of such women. Eleven pregnant women who had had a caesarean section in their previous pregnancy took part in semi-structured interviews one to three days after they had made a choice about mode of delivery. A thematic analysis of the transcripts revealed that most women felt they had made a choice about delivery method, though the extent of involvement in the decision differed. Making choices about delivery after a previous caesarean birth was influenced by a number of people and other factors and it involved assessment of information from previous experiences and trusted others. Medical information about risk/benefit was considered alongside beliefs about birth and moral concerns about the ‘correct’ choices to make.
PublisherMark Allen Publishing Ltd.
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