Historic urban landscapes : framing the integration of urban and heritage planning in multilevel governance

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  2. Dr Loes Veldpaus
Author(s)Veldpaus L
Publication type Authored Book
Series TitleBouwstenen
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ISBN 9789038639161
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Urban planning and heritage management have often been positioned as opposing powers in the management of historic urban landscapes. To reconcile them, the trend is to recommend a holistic, integrated and multidisciplinary management of resources, by means of a new approach in heritage management: the landscape approach. In this context, landscape is defined as an inclusive and comprehensive platform that cannot be understood or managed except through an approach that embraces all its components. The landscape approach is not about allowing (or disallowing) transformation in itself, but about establishing and guiding the nature of the transformation. It addresses the future quality of the urban landscape and the relationships forming it. It positions heritage as an active change agent in the process of urban management. However, implementation in urban management proves to be a great challenge. The lack of systematic methods for comparative policy research in the field of cultural heritage hinders an understanding of policy transfer on a scale that goes beyond the case study, which then interferes with the feedback loop back into the supranational policies. The main aim of this thesis is to raise understanding of the integration of urban and heritage planning in multilevel governance, and in particular to explore ways to best reveal the relations between supranational and subnational policy. A method of cross-referencing heritage taxonomy is developed and tested. It has successfully been tested with governance stakeholders in Amsterdam. While further research is needed to refine and optimize the taxonomy and its application, it already promises to have applications beyond its initial aims.
PublisherTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven
Place PublishedEindhoven
NotesPhD Thesis. http://repository.tue.nl/eb4041e6-176b-493f-a9cd-333c377d2b64
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