Effect of closed-loop controlled resonance based mechanism to start free piston engine generator: Simulation and test results

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  2. Dr Boru Jia
  3. Dr Guohong Tian
  4. Dr Andrew Smallbone
  5. Professor Tony Roskilly
Author(s)Jia B, Zuo Z, Feng H, Tian G, Smallbone A, Roskilly AP
Publication type Article
JournalApplied Energy
ISSN (print)0306-2619
ISSN (electronic)1872-9118
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Two general methods to start the engine are investigated by the linear electric machine operating as a linear motor and identified one for a specific FPEG prototype configuration. Based on that, a novel method to start the engine by mechanical resonance is proposed. Both simulation and test results are presented, and the numerical model is successfully validated. The results show that with a fixed motor force of 110 N, within 0.5 s, the maximum in-cylinder pressure could reach 13 bar, indicating that the engine is ready for ignition. Further investigation on the engine performance with the closed-loop control strategy is carried out. The results demonstrate that it is feasible to start the FPEG with mechanical resonance with a closed-loop controlled electric linear machine that applies a proper constant motor force in the direction of the natural bouncing motion. With different starting motor force, the top dead centre (TDC) value for both cylinder is different during the first few running cycles, but the difference reduces and tends to be zero during the stable resonance state. There is not any significant difference observed on the engine frequency and piston profile during combustion process.
PublisherPergamon Press
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