Public Electric Vehicles recharging in the UK – is there a business case?

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  2. Professor Phil Blythe
  3. Josey Wardle
  4. Dr Yvonne Huebner
  5. Dr Jane Gibbon
Author(s)Blythe PT, Wardle J, Huebner Y, Gibbon Jane
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameIntelligent Transport Systems European Congress
Conference LocationGlasgow
Year of Conference2016
Source Publication Date
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The UK has been one of the most advanced countries in Europe for the demonstration of electric vehicles (EV) and the introduction of the supporting recharging infrastructure. Much of the UK’s early-to-market EV recharging estate was created and operated under public subsidy. However, subsidies for operation of this infrastructure are now coming to an end, which is likely to affect EV drivers’ recharging behaviour. As public funding ceases the infrastructure owners must find other ways to cover the on-going costs of operation and to recover the capital investments made, in order to provide a continuing service to EV drivers. This paper gives an overview of the findings from the UK and comments on early changes in recharging behaviour resulting from reduction in subsidies