Assessing corneal biomechanics with Brillouin spectro-microscopy

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  2. Dr Ricardo Martins Gouveia
  3. Dr Ana Gouveia Gil
  4. Professor Che Connon
Author(s)Lepert G, Gouveia RM, Connon CJ, Paterson C
Publication type Article
JournalFaraday Discussions
ISSN (print)1359-6640
ISSN (electronic)1364-5498
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A new Brillouin spectro-microscope was designed and built to investigate the mechanical properties of bovine and human corneas. This instrument integrates a single-stage virtually imaged phased array spectrometer with a novel adaptive-optics interferometric filter to achieve unprecedented rejection of the elastic background signal. As a result, highly-resolved, reproducible data from both thin and thick collagen-based materials were obtained. In particular, this technique is capable of rigorously measuring the relative stiffness of different areas of human corneas, thus providing a true non-contact method to characterise the fundamental mechanical features of both live and fixed biological tissue samples.
PublisherRoyal Society of Chemistry
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