The whole grain content of foods consumed in the UK

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  2. Dr Angela Jones
  3. Dr Kay Mann
  4. Dr Sharron Kuznesof
  5. Professor Chris Seal
Author(s)Jones AR, Mann KD, Kuznesof SA, Richardson DP, Seal CJ
Publication type Article
JournalFood Chemistry
ISSN (print)0308-8146
ISSN (electronic)1873-7072
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This study aimed to assess the whole grain (WG) content of foods consumed in the UK which includeingredients that retain all three structural components of the grain, and contained P10% WG. Dietarydata from seven studies with 10,474 UK subjects were examined for foods containing WG. The WG contentwas then determined from ingredient lists, manufacturers’ information and recipes. 372 fooddescriptors from nine food groups (4.4% of all food codes) contained P10% WG. Of these 372 foods,31.5% contained P51%, 30.6% 25–50%, and 37.9% 10–24% WG dry matter as eaten. The relatively smallnumber of WG foods identified in the total number of foods consumed confirms the low contributionof WG foods to the overall pattern of foods consumed in the UK. Since foods containing <51% WGaccounted for the majority of WG food codes identified, recognising the importance of these foods toWG intake is essential.
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