A Systematic Review of the Definitions of Vascular Cognitive Impairment, No Dementia in Cohort Studies.

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  2. Stephanie Harrison
  3. Dr Eugene Tang
  4. Dr John-Paul Taylor
  5. Dr Louise Allan
  6. Dr Louise Robinson
  7. Professor Carol Jagger
  8. Dr Blossom Stephan
Author(s)Harrison SL, Tang EY, Keage HA, Taylor JP, Allan L, Robinson L, Jagger C, Rockwood K, Stephan BC
Publication type Article
JournalDementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders
ISSN (print)1420-8008
ISSN (electronic)1421-9824
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BACKGROUND/AIMS:No set operational criteria for vascular cognitive impairment, no dementia (VCI-ND) have yet been established. The aim of this study is to undertake a systematic review to compare definitions of VCI-ND that have been used in cohort studies.METHODS:Medline, PsycINFO and Embase were searched from inception to October 13, 2015. Initially, 3,142 records were screened, and 30 were included in this review.RESULTS:No single set of criteria for defining VCI-ND was identified. VCI-ND was broadly defined as an absence of dementia, cognitive impairment in at least one cognitive domain with signs of vascular involvement, and intact activities of daily living.CONCLUSION:Defining criteria will enable individuals with VCI-ND to be efficiently compared across cohort studies to more accurately determine the prevalence and risk of dementia.
PubMed id27578207
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