Cognitive Dissonance in Food and Nutrition – A Conceptual Framework

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  2. Andy Ong
  3. Professor Lynn Frewer
  4. Dr Mei-Yen Chan
Author(s)Ong ASJ, Frewer LJ, Chan MY
Publication type Article
JournalTrends in Food Science & Technology
ISSN (print)0924-2244
ISSN (electronic)1879-3053
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BackgroundThis paper describes the development of a theoretical framework for the study of cognitive dissonance in food and nutrition. Scope and ApproachThe Food Cognition Dissonance (FCD) conceptual framework integrates relevant principles of cognitive dissonance and attitude, in the context of food and nutrition, to provide a novel perspective of structural food-related cognitive dissonance in relation to the examination of food-related attitudes. The elements and mechanisms within the FCD framework are elaborated, and considerations in the use of the framework are discussed. Key Findings and ConclusionThe FCD framework can be applied to predicting how dissonance-based, food-related attitude change occurs. The approach may stimulate research that will ultimately lead to the development of effective nutrition programmes and/or communications to promote healthy eating.
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