Synthetic Biology Applied in the Agrifood Sector: Societal Priorities and Pitfalls

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  2. Professor Lynn Frewer
  3. Dr David Coles
  4. Dr Anne Dijkstra
  5. Dr Sharron Kuznesof
  6. Dr Helen Kendall
  7. Dr Gulbanu Kaptan
Author(s)Frewer LJ, Coles D, Dijkstra AM, Kuznesof S, Kendall H, Kaptan G
Publication type Article
ISSN (print)1789-221X
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Synthetic biology offers potential potential for innovation in the agri-food sector, although concerns have been raised. Consumer rejection of applications will occur similar to those associated with the introduction of genetically modified foods. Risk benefit assessment should address socio-economic, as well health and environmental impacts. ethical issues may be of particular relevance to the application of synthetic biology, and may also resonate with societal concerns. A case-by-case analysis of relevant issues may be needed, and innovation must be driven by societal and consumer preferences as well as technological possibilities. research into consumer and societal priorities is required early in the innovation trajectory.
PublisherAgroinform Publishing House
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