Investigation of Taper Failure in a Contemporary Metal-on-Metal Hip Arthroplasty System Through Examination of Unused and Explanted Prostheses

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  2. David Langton
  3. Dr Peter Avery
  4. Dr Martin Bone
  5. Professor David Deehan
  6. James Holland
  7. Anwar Jafri
  8. Lee Longstaff
  9. James Lord
  10. Dr Susan Morgan
  11. Raghu Sidaginamale
  12. Professor Tom Joyce
Author(s)Langton D, Ahmed I, Avery P, Bone M, Cooke N, Deehan D, Duffy P, Foguet P, Green S, Holland J, Jafri A, Longstaff L, Lord J, Loughead J, Meek D, Murray H, Nanu A, Nargol A, Scholes S, Waller S, Sidaginamale R, Joyce T
Publication type Article
JournalJournal of Bone and Joint Surgery
ISSN (print)0375-9229
ISSN (electronic)2329-9185
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PublisherJournal of Bone & Joint Surgery, Inc.
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