Factors determining the integration of nutritional genomics into clinical practice by registered dieticians

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Author(s)Abrahams M, Frewer L, Bryant E, Stewart-Knox B
Publication type Article
JournalTrends in Food Science and Technology
ISSN (print)0924-2244
ISSN (electronic)1879-3053
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Background: Personalised nutrition has the potential to improve health, prevent diseaseand reduce healthcare expenditure. Whilst research hints at positive consumer attitudes towards personalized nutrition that draws upon lifestyle, phenotypic and genotypic data,delivery of such services. This review sought to determine possible factors associatedwith the integration of the emerging science of Nutritional Genomics (NGx) into the clinical practice setting by practicing registered dietitians. Scope: Search of online databases (Pubmed; National Library of Medicine; Cochrane Library; Ovid Medline) was conducted on material published from January 2000 to December 2014. Studies that sampled practicing dietitians and investigated integration or application of NGx and genetics knowledge into practice were eligible. Articles were assessed according to the American Dietetic Association Quality Criteria Checklist.Key Findings: Application of nutritional genomics in practice has been limited.Reluctance to integrate NGx into practice is associated with low awareness of NGx, a lack of confidence in the science surrounding NGx and skepticism toward Direct to consumer (DTC) products. Successful application to practice was associated with knowledge about NGx, having confidence in the science, a positive attitude towardNGx, access to DTC products, a supportive working environment, working in the clinical setting rather than the public health domain and being in private rather than public practice.
PublisherPergamon Press
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