Let Them Play: The Impact of Mechanics and Dynamics of a Serious Game on Student Perceptions of Learning Engagement

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  2. Dr YiChuan Wang
Author(s)Wang Y, Rajan P, Sankar CS, Raju PK
Publication type Article
JournalIEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies
ISSN (electronic)1939-1382
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Serious games are becoming important educational tools and are increasingly being integrated into courses in many different academic areas and widely portrayed as a means of helping individuals concentrate on the subject matter and enjoy learning. This paper discusses the development and testing of a serious game by using a research model where the mechanics and dynamics of the game impact perceived usefulness, ease of use, and goal clarity, which in turn lead to higher concentration and user enjoyment. This model was tested in an undergraduate product design classroom, and evaluated using a survey and a focus group. The results of qualitative and quantitative analysis show that higher concentration and enjoyment occur when students perceive clear goals, ease of use, and usefulness during gaming. The results of the study leads to recommendations to game developers on the features of serious games that need to be built and the need to carefully consider the mechanics and dynamics of a game. The results should encourage instructors to consider incorporating serious games into their classes to increase their students’ learning engagement.
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