Tourist Information Delivered Through Mobile Devices: Findings from the Image Project

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  2. Simon Edwards
  3. Professor Phil Blythe
  4. Dr Stephen Scott
  5. Dr Amy Guo
Author(s)Edwards S, Blythe PT, Scott S, Guo AW
Publication type Article
JournalInformation Technology & Tourism
ISSN (print)1098-3058
ISSN (electronic)1943-4294
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This paper describes a product (the ‘Mobility Agent’) which delivers Internet-based travel and tourism-related services through fixed and mobile devices. Intelligent agent technology was used to provide European residents and visitors with dynamic, mobile, personalised, location-based information and services, specifically related to travel and tourism in complex urban environments. The paper describes the Mobility Agent and its testing and evaluation, most notably issues surrounding user acceptance, and the demand for and willingness to pay for such a product. Findings show high levels of acceptance of the Mobility Agent. Willingness to pay, especially in unfamiliar environments, is also seen to exist.
PublisherCognizant Communication Corp.
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