Experimental Exploration of a Novel Chemisorption Composite of SrCl2-NEG Adding with Carbon Coated Ni

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  2. Dr Qibai Wu
  3. Dr Yiji Lu
  4. Ke Tang
  5. Dr Yaodong Wang
  6. Professor Tony Roskilly
Author(s)Wu QB, Lu YJ, Tang K, Wang YD, Roskilly AP, Zhang HY
Publication type Article
JournalEnergy Procedia
ISSN (electronic)1876-6102
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This study reports the development and experimental investigation on a novel chemisorption composite material by adding Carbon coated Ni into SrCl2-NEG. The manufacture processes on this novel material has been developed in order to control the evenly distribution of the Nano particles inside the composite. The sorption performance of the novel chemisorption composite using ammonia as the working fluid was experimentally tested and compared with the performance of conventional chemisorption composite without adding Carbon coated Ni. Results pointed out that compared with conventional chemisorption one (SrCl2/NEG) this novel developed composite requires less heat source energy but has relatively lower mass transfer performance. The overall efficiency of an adsorption system using this novel chemisorption composite as the adsorbent could be potentially improved and the overall cycle time can be reduced.
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