Achieving Market Agility through Organizational Mindfulness towards IT Innovation and Information Processing Capacities

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  2. Dr YiChuan Wang
Author(s)Wu Y, Wang Y
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name7th International Conference on Restructuring of the Global Economy (ROGE)
Conference LocationUniversity of Oxford, UK
Year of Conference2017
Source Publication Date
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Firms encounter intense competition, market turbulence, and ever-changing technological innovation in today’s dynamic business environment. Overcoming these challenges requires firms to develop their market agility capability in order to sense and respond environmental changes and seize emerging business opportunities. Although prior research has recognized the impact of information technologies (IT) as a critical facilitator on market agility, there is little focus on how organizational mindfulness might play a role in achieving market agility. We develop a conceptual model based on the information processing view (IPV) to investigate how organizational mindfulness towards IT innovation facilitates information process capacity, which in turn leads to higher market agility. This study provides conceptual evidence that firms can achieve superior market agility through creating an information processing capacity and that their managers need to be especially mindful in IT innovation.