Design for Next… Year. The Challenge of Designing for Material Change

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  2. Dr Ben Bridgens
  3. Dr David Lilley
Author(s)Bridgens B, Lilley D
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference NameDesign for Next: 12th European Academy of Design Conference
Conference LocationSapienza University of Rome
Year of Conference2017
Source Publication Date
Series TitleThe Design Journal
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From the moment of purchase, pristine objects are subjected to an array of stimuli including wear, impact, heat, light, water and air which alter their tactile and aesthetic properties. Material change is often regarded as ‘damage’ or ‘degradation’, but has potential to be used as a tool to engender emotional engagement to an object. We present a framework for designers to better understand how materials change with use, and in turn how people respond to materials as they change. Key challenges are identified which must be overcome to use this framework in design practice – people’s physical interaction with objects is poorly understood, it is difficult to simulate material change, materials resources for designers do not provide information about material change, and people’s responses to aged materials depend on a complex web of interacting factors.
PublisherEuropean Academy of Design