Deriving transport benefits from Big Data and the Internet of Things in Smart Cities

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  2. Professor Phil Blythe
Author(s)Coleman M, Ferguson A, Hanson G, Blythe PT
Publication type Conference Proceedings (inc. Abstract)
Conference Name12th Intelligent Transport Systems European Congress 2017
Conference LocationStrasbourg, France
Year of Conference2017
Source Publication Date
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With the rapid advancements in technologies that can be applied to deliver transport differently, we are on the cusp of something exciting, with the potential to revolutionise the way we travel and how we deliver transport services in the future. The DfT is currently examining the use of sensing, and other IoT sources, to collect and generate large amounts of transport related data, the analysis of this data, and its use to deliver more joined up and ‘smarter’ transport. Coupled with this: the move towards automated systems; changes in demographics, use and ownership; new innovations in business models and the drive to decarbonise the transport sector – all will shape future transport and raise their own challenges. At the heart of this transport revolution, Big Data and the science underpinning the analytics of the data are beginning to re-shape our thinking and the potential for service delivery for future transport. Fundamentally, we better need to understand the potential for big data in making transport services smarter in cities.
PublisherIntelligent Transport Systems Congress Association