Correlates of overall and central obesity in adults from seven European countries: Findings from the Food4Me Study

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  2. Dr Carlos Celis Morales
  3. Dr Katherine Livingstone
  4. Professor John Mathers
Author(s)Celis-Morales C, Livingstone KM, Affleck A, Navas-Carretero S, Cristobal RS, Martinez JA, Marsaux CFM, Saris WHM, O'Donovan CB, Forster H, Woolhead C, Gibney ER, Walsh MC, Brennan L, Gibney M, Moschonis G, Lambrinou CP, Mavrogianni C, Manios Y, Macready AL, Fallaize R, Lovegrove JA, Kolossa S, Daniel H, Traczyk I, Drevon CA, Mathers JC, on behalf of the Food4Me Study
Publication type Article
JournalEuropean Journal of Clinical Nutrition
PagesEpub ahead of print
ISSN (print)0954-3007
ISSN (electronic)1476-5640
The full text of this item is currently under embargo and cannot be made publicly available until 15/06/2018.
PublisherNature Publishing Group
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