When nonsense makes sense and vice versa: Noncanonical decoding events at stop codons in eukaryotes

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  2. Dr Victoriya Doronina
  3. Dr Jeremy Brown
Author(s)Doronina VA, Brown JD
Publication type Review
JournalMolecular Biology
ISSN (print)0026-8933
ISSN (electronic)1608-3245
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Abstract —Regulation of protein synthesis at the level of translation termination is a relatively underexplored, but rapidly expanding field. Recent advances in elucidating the mechanism of translation termination are helping to understand noncanonical events associated with translation termination. These “recoding” events include read-through of stop codons, insertion of unusual amino acids such as selenocysteine, and production of several polypeptides from one open reading frame. This review summarizes data on termination-dependent recoding events and proposes that there are two types of stop codon-associated sequences optimized to perform different functions: termination of translation per se or alternative elongation events
PubMed id16913232
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