Structure and composition of subepidermal granules from Aplysia californica Cooper, 1863 (Gastropoda: Opisthobranchia)

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  2. Dr Reia Guppy
Author(s)Guppy R, Fisher WA, Hamilton PV
Publication type Article
JournalAmerican Malacological Bulletin
ISSN (print)0740-2783
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Subepidermal granules from Aplysia californica were studied to learn their structure, chemical composition, and possible function. Granules were examined in tissue sections using light microscopy, and isolated granules were examined using scanning electron microscopy. Granules were located 100 – 200 μm beneath the surface and were present at concentrations of over 200/sq. mm of epidermis. The largest granules were about 0.25 mm in their longest axes. Granules appeared solid in construction and seem composed primarily of calcium carbonate. The contribution of these granules to body coloration is discussed.
PublisherAmerican Malacological Society, Inc.
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