A Convergent Approach towards the C1–C11 Subunit of Phoslactomycins and Formal Synthesis of Phoslactomycin B

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  2. Dr Michael Hall
Author(s)Druais V, Hall MJ, Corsi C, Wendeborn SV, Meyer C, Cossy J
Publication type Article
JournalOrganic Letters
ISSN (print)1523-7060
ISSN (electronic)1523-7052
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The preparation of the C1–C11 subunit of phoslactomycins, and a formal synthesis of phoslactomycin B, were achieved by a convergent strategy involving the chelation-controlled addition of an alkynyl Grignard reagent to a α-alkoxyketone. Catalytic enantioselective reductions of acetylenic ketones and a [2,3]-Wittig rearrangement were utilized as key steps to control the configuration of the C4, C5 and C9 stereocenters.
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society
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