Calculation of the added mass of elliptical cylinders with vertical fins in shallow water

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  2. Dr David Clarke
Author(s)Clarke D
Publication type Article
JournalOcean Engineering
ISSN (print)0029-8018
ISSN (electronic)1873-5258
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In order to carry out any studies of ship motions, concerning either seakeeping or manoeuvring, it is usually necessary to have knowledge of the added mass of the hull section shapes. In deep water, the added mass can be found using conformal mapping techniques combined with residue calculus, or by means of surface singularity distributions. In shallow water, the need to utilise an infinite number of mirror images, to represent the effects of the seabed and the free surface, precludes the use of the deep-water methods in this case. In previous papers, the author presented methods to evaluate the added mass of semi-circular and elliptical body sections. Now, using a similar Schwarz–Christoffel method, the added mass of elliptical body sections with vertical fins in shallow water is evaluated.
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