Chromatin and the DNA damage response

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  2. Professor David Lydall
  3. Dr Simon Whitehall
Author(s)Lydall DA, Whitehall SK
Publication type Article
JournalDNA Repair
ISSN (print)1568-7864
ISSN (electronic)1568-7856
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The impact of chromatin structure upon the DNA damage response is becoming increasingly apparent. We can reasonably expect many more papers showing how chromatin and chromatin modifications impact upon aspects of the DNA damage response. Here, we present our perspective on some recent developments in this exciting area of cell biology. We aim that this review will be of interest to those who study the DNA damage response, but not usually in the context of chromatin, and equally to those who study chromatin, but not the DNA damage response. It seems likely that these two communities will increasingly share common questions and interests.
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