Study on COgnition and Prognosis in the Elderly (SCOPE): Baseline characteristics

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  2. Clara Correia Melo
  3. Emeritus Professor Oliver James
  4. Dr Martin Prince
Author(s)James OFW; Prince M; Correia M; Hansson L; Lithell H; Skoog I; Baro F; Banki CM; Breteler M; Carbonin PU; Cataigne A; Degaute JP; Elmfeldt D; Engedal K; Farsang C; Ferro J; Hachiniski V; Hofman A; Krisin E; Leeman M; Leeuw DePW; Leys D; Lobo A; Nordby G; Olofsson B; Opolski G; Reischies FM; Rosenfeild JB; Ruilope L; Salerno J; Tilvis R; Trenkwalder P; Zanchetti A
Publication type Article
JournalBlood Pressure
ISSN (print)0803-7051
ISSN (electronic)1651-1999
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PublisherInforma Healthcare
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