Low order harmonic cancellation in a grid connected multiple inverter system via current control parameter randomization

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  2. Dr Matthew Armstrong
  3. Dr Dave Atkinson
  4. Dr Christopher Johnson
  5. Dr Tusitha Abeyasekera
Author(s)Armstrong M, Atkinson DJ, Johnson CM, Abeyasekera TD
Publication type Article
JournalIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
ISSN (print)0885-8993
ISSN (electronic)1941-0107
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In grid connected multiple inverter systems, it is normal to synchronize the output current of each inverter to the common network voltage. Any current controller deficiencies, which result in low order harmonics, are also synchronized to the common network voltage. As a result the harmonics produced by individual converters show a high degree of correlation and tend to be additive. Each controller can be tuned to achieve a different harmonic profile so that harmonic cancellation can take place in the overall system, thus reducing the net current total harmonic distortion level. However, inter-inverter communication is required. This paper presents experimental results demonstrating an alternative approach, which is to arrange for the tuning within each inverter to be adjusted automatically with a random component. This results in a harmonic output spectrum that varies with time, but is uncorrelated with the harmonic spectrum of any other inverter in the system. The net harmonics from all the inverters undergo a degree of cancellation and the overall system yields a net improvement in power quality. (17 References).
NotesPublisher: IEEE, USA.
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