Space-time ring TCM codes for QPSK on time-varying fast fading channels

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  2. Augusto Da Boa Morte Pereira
  3. Emeritus Professor Rolando Carrasco
Author(s)Pereira A; Carrasco RA
Publication type Article
JournalElectronics Letters
ISSN (print)0013-5194
ISSN (electronic)1350-911X
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Space-time codes based on rings of integers suitable for QPSK constellations are presented for time-varying flat Rayleigh fast fading channels. Furthermore, a comparison between space-time ring TCM codes and the best known space-time codes for time-varying channels has revealed that the former offers a significantly better trade-off between coding gain and decoder complexity. (6 References).
PublisherElsevier BV
NotesPublisher: IEE, UK.
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