Space-time ring TCM codes for QAM over fading channels

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  2. Emeritus Professor Rolando Carrasco
  3. Augusto Da Boa Morte Pereira
Author(s)Carrasco RA, Pereira A
Publication type Article
JournalIEE Proceedings: Communications
ISSN (print)1751-8628
ISSN (electronic)1751-8636
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A new joint channel estimation with ST-ring TCM codes suitable for QAM modulation is proposed. The signal-to-point mapping is carefully studied and methods for further improving performance of QAM ST codes are investigated. The criteria for the design of ST codes are developed to include other factors and results of an a priori computer search to find good QAM ST-ring TCM codes are provided. (10 References).
PublisherThe Institution of Engineering and Technology
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